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PressEyes® Integrated —
monitor and adjust your shoe press pressure profile during production

Vasasensor develops a wireless sensor system that monitors the pressure profile in paper machine shoe presses. PressEyes Integrated provides paper manufacturers with valuable information and new variables in real time, enabling optimization of the production process. PressEyes® Integrated consists of:

Shoe press belt with integrated sensor units

Shoe press belts with integrated sensor units is mounted in the press. The integrated sensor units leave no marks in the paper and the belt is manufactured by a leading manufacturer of shoe press belts.

Receiver unit

A receiver unit or units are mounted across the paper machine next to the shoe press. When exposed to pressure, the sensor units generates a signal directly related to the applied pressure. The receiver unit wirelessly reads this signal from the sensor units. Vasasensor delivers and installs the receiver unit following customer consultation.


The signals received by the receiver unit are sent to a stationary computer unit for complex processing. Vasasensor delivers and installs the stationary computer unit following customer consultation.


After acquisition and signal processing, the pressure profile in the press nip is presented on monitors in the control room. The information provides valuable input for adjusting the press nips thus allowing increased production. Installation is made after consultation with the customer.

  • Suitable to all paper products
  • Suitable to all shoe press models
  • Relative pressure profile in cross direction
  • Pressure profile in machine direction
  • Number of data points in cross direction is optional, typically 5
  • Adjustable to all speeds and pressure ranges in a paper machine.

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PressEyes is a registered trademark of Vasasensor AB.

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