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About us


Vasasensor is a spin-off from the institute of micro and nanotechnology in Gothenburg, Acreo Swedish ICT and Chalmers University of Technology. The company started its journey at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, CSE, and has been working with the wireless sensor system for the paper industry since 2003.

The innovation behind the product arose from needs in the paper manufacturing industry and the core technology was developed at the research institute Acreo. The product has been developed together with world leading actors in the paper industry.

Vasasensor has been rewarded with several prestigious awards such as:

  • Spin-off of the Year 2005
  • SKAPA 2005
  • The springboard company of the Year 2004
  • The most interesting start-up company for venture capital 2005
  • Venture Cup prize

Vasasensor’s first commercial product PressEyes® Portable was launched in May 2012, and is now being used at reference mills in Sweden.


Vasasensor will answer to the needs of real time pressure measurements in paper machines worldwide. Our goal is that Vasasensor’s sys­tems serve as powerful tools for process automation in our customer’s da­ily work.

Further more, Vasasensor will continue to develop more products based on sensor technology in cooperation with the leading customers in the industry.