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Erika Jabler

Chairman of the Board

Erika was previously employed by Vasasensor. Since 2015 Erika is workign at MLT Machine and Laser Technology in Gothenburg as a Service Controller and with technical measurments in the pulp- and paper industri.

Christer Johansson

Member of the board

Christer is associate professor in physics and works in the magnetic and electromagnetic sensor group at Acreo AB – Sensor Systems. Christer previously worked as a researcher and teacher at Chalmers University of Technology and at Ericsson Microwave Systems with development of airborne radar systems. Christer is one of Vasasensor's co-founders.

Christer Persson

Member of the Board

Christer has previously been working as founder and CEO of Enacab. He has professional experience from building up organisations for service and installation. Christer contributes with knowledge of management in fast growing start-up companies.

Patrik Bjöörn

Member of the board

Patrik was previously an emplyee at Vasasensor. Patrik now works as Sales Director at Insplorion AB.

Carl Håkansson

Deputy member of the board

Carl has a long experience of papermaking in general and press nips specifically. Carl works as a consultatnd in his own company Pressman AB.