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PressEyes® Portable —
a sensor system that characterizes the press section at full speed

Doing business in the paper industry is more competitive than ever. It’s a battle with no place for the unprepared. Every day, you are faced with new profitability and availability requirements. And every day your press section isn’t working to its full potential, your profits are bleeding.

We will help you to optimize your performance by dynamically measuring the press nip and assisting you to get your press section to work better than ever before.

See PressEyes Portable in action from Säffle:

What can we handle?

• Applications: Conventional and shoe presses in paper and pulp drying machines
• Accuracy: 50000 measurements per second
• Number of sensors: Typically 9–12
• Sensor unit thickness: <0.4 mm
• Maximum pressure: 50 MPa
• Temperature range: –20°C to +120°C
• Machine speed: 100–2000 m/min


How does it work?

We are performing a dynamic measurement with thin sensors attached to the press rolls. We measure at full speed and pressure, and the information is transferred wirelessly to a laptop for real time presentation.

What’s in it for you?

• Increased efficiency
• Lesser steam consumption
• Increased productivity
• Fewer felt exchanges 

How much can you save?

For a machine producing 200’000 tons per year, a 0.5%-point increase in dryness will give you a saving of approximately 2 M$ from increased availability and steam savings.


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PressEyes is a registered trademark of Vasasensor AB.

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